May 2024

Felling of Silver birch

There was a dead Silver Birch leaning across the footpath on the southern end of the Lake.
The work was planned to be done much earlier but a storm put this back. Naturally, the tree was checked for any nesting birds in the ivy and none were found.
It took five cuts to fell the Silver birch, which was easily confirmed as dead throughout.
The wood was stacked as habitat, and the stump given a 'conservation cut' which should encourage fungus to feast on the deadwood.
April 2024:

Would you like to get more involved?

We are seeking new directors for Holton Pits Community Interest Company. This is a voluntary, unpaid role. Join us in helping with the day-to-day business and looking after the great open space Holton Pits is!

Please register your interest in the first instance by sending an email by 30th April 2024 to our secretary Rebecca at:

SUNDAY 19TH MAY from 7.15 PM

A meeting for all to hear updates and news from Holton Pits Community Interest Company and for discussion on all things Holton Pits.

Facebook event page link: click here

February 2024
Celebration success!

It was so nice to see so many of you at our celebration on Friday 16th February. What a great way to get together and honour and commemorate all the hard work, dedication and achievement the community has made over the last year!